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Monthly Parish Bulletin

Monthly Parish Bulletin

The attached bulletin features Sunday Mass readings, the three church locations' activities and other announcements


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Child Protection

Contact for Child Protection: Lori Bemb, Pastoral Associate.

The Diocese of Limburg requires that each parish publish its policy regarding child safety and protection and appoint a contact person for such matters.

For the International English-Speaking Catholic Parish the contact person is:

Lori Bemb (Pastoral Associate)
Email:  L.bemb@parish-frankfurt.de
Office phone:  069-219 36 500

The following documents are the English and German versions of the International English-Speaking Catholic Parish's policy, including additional diocese-level contact persons as well the form that parish volunteers must complete when activities involve working with children.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety (in English)
  • Institutionalles Schutzkonzept (ISK) for the Protection of Minors in the International English-Speaking Parish, Frankfurt, Germany

Institutionelles Schutzkonzept (ISK)
  • German-language version of Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Wedding Anniversary Mass 2021

Wedding Anniversary Mass 2021

Married couples renewed their vows at a special Mass at Holy Cross Church on Oct. 23, celebrated by parish priest Father Enke

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