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Food Donations to Local Charities

Parishioners' contributions are welcome at each weekly Mass
Food Donations to Local Charities
Food Donations to Local Charities
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Non-perishable foods sought

Parishioners are invited to bring packaged foods that don't require refrigeration (such as pastas; cereals; sugar; flour; cooking oil; marmelades; cans/tins of fruits, vegetables, sauces, soups; and dried meats like salami) to deposit in the back of church at each weekend Mass for our donation drives. Items collected at St. Leonhard's and Holy Cross Churches are provided to the Frankfurt community of the Missionaries of Charity (the order founded by Mother Teresa, now known as St. Teresa of Calcutta), while contributions at St. Mary's Church are given to the Hofheimer/Hattersheimer Tafel food bank. (Note: please don't donate outdated food items.) 

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