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New Parish Council

elected 2019
New Parish Council
New Parish Council
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The Parish Council:  What do they do?

Our Parish Council is an advisory board consisting of 10 members whose main responsibility is to advise and support the parish priest.  The Parish Council is elected by the parish body as their representatives for a 4-year term. Council meets at least every third month, with additional meetings called as needed. Almost all meetings are open and parishioners are encouraged to attend if they wish.

If you wish any other information, or would like to make suggestions or voice concerns, please feel free to contact Fr Steve or any member of the council - send email.

10 Parish Council Members:

Father Steven Forster - Priest
Nancy Clements          - President
Damian Gerstner         - Vice President
Thomas E. Lavell III     – Represents at AG City
                                          + Rat der Gemeinden von Katholiken anderer Muttersprache
Kevin Gillespie             – Represents at Stadtversammlung
                                          + Rat der Gemeinden von Katholiken anderer Muttersprache
Niall Lenihan                – Represents at Stadtversammlung
Uta Franz                      – Represents at AG City
Regina Lynch
Kathreena Relova
Bona B. Bernard Boda
Benjilieta Dimaunahan

Lori Bemb - Pastoral Associate – Represents at AG City 

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