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English Speaking Masses - important information

English Speaking Masses - important information
English Speaking Masses - important information
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Mass registration

Most important thing is for everyone to keep a safe distance from one another. There must remain a distance of at least 1.5m on each side to the next parishoner. The seating of each  of the 3 church locations has been marked accordingly, therefore a limited number can attend to the Masses. 

Please use our new online registration for Masses - only one Mass per weekend

If you need any help please contact our parish office at  Tel:  069-21936500 during the office hours (no email registrations will be accepted)

Deadline for the registration will Fridays at 12.00 - noon.

When you call we will ask you to provide your:
        - Name
        - Telephone Number + complete Address
        - Which Mass you would like to attend
        - How many family members will be attending with you

Important -  these lists have absolutely nothing to do with formally registering with the State or with paying church taxes and they will be destroyed after 3 weeks. The lists are mandated by the Gesundheitsamt (Health Department) so that in case anyone attending a particular Mass tests positive for Covid-19, everyone else who attended can be notified.

Directions during Masses

  1. You must wear a face mask. Everyone must bring their own personal face mask. It is now required to wear face masks during the entire Mass, not only by entering and leaving but also when you are in your seat. At the door you will be asked for your name so that we can check if you have registered for that particular Mass.  Only then will you be allowed to enter. Those experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms and/or fever are not allowed to enter the church building.
  2. Upon entering the church you will have the opportunity to disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer, if you wish.
  3. You will be shown to your seat.  The seats are clearly marked with stickers. Familes / couples living in one household may sit together.
  4. There will be no hymnals (Laudate or Breaking Bread) put out as there is no communal singing aloud during Mass.  However, there will be instrumental music.
  5. There are clear directions on the procedure for receiving communion.  These will be explained to you at the beginning of each Mass.

After Mass, we ask you to please exit the church as quickly as possible and that you do not gather in groups either inside or outside the church.

Small Children

Due to the distancing requirements, children attending Mass with their parents MUST be seated during the Mass. It is not permitted for children to move around the church. If parents cannot ensure compliance, perhaps it would be better if one parent comes this week and the other the following week.

Most important

Please remember that the dispensation for Sunday Mass obligation is STILL in place.  So, if, for any reason, you do not feel safe attending Mass (for example, due to age or due to other health issues) … or if the attendance lists fill up too quickly and you do not get a spot  -- remember that watching Mass online or on tv at home and receiving “spiritual communion” is still an approved alternative. 

And – there are some weekday German Masses available (for example at 8:00 am and 12:30 pm at the Dom in Frankfurt).  Attending a weekday Mass and receiving the Eucharist also counts as fulfilling your Sunday obligation.

We realize that these are a lot of rules and regulations to follow, but the safety of our parishioners is our first and foremost concern.


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